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Project Bethany

Project Bethany is a joint coalition that has joined forces to help deliver an economic & environmental resiliency plan in Leimert Park, CA, and surrounding communities.

Announcing the new
2023 Air Monitoring Report

This report uses a community-based participatory research model to examine the levels of various pollutants in the air in Leimert Park, South Los Angeles. Key findings indicated that pollutant concentrations in Leimert Park exceeded the required standards. This report created a roadmap to address existing environmental conditions in Leimert Park and surrounding communities. Policy solutions and community-led solutions such as the installation of air sensors in the community, cost analysis, and community benefits impact from this project were addressed. A practical resource guide was also provided to help residents with mitigation strategies for air pollution, climate change, and environmental awareness.

This report was completed by the Ezrach Brain Trust Association in conjunction with The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Henry Samueli School of Engineering

Sustainable Energy

Carbon Reduction

Project Bethany will focus on reducing the carbon footprint by implementing sustainability practices in our ecosystem at which our programming will be deployed. 

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