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Our Story


Ezrach (Hebrew for a tree or sprout with indigenous roots to the land)  was founded in 2016 in a local barbershop. As conversations normally progress in the barber chair, Shaahid and Daniel discussed the condition of communities in Los Angeles and the economically disadvantaged in the neighborhood. Daniel & Shaahid thought about bringing back the basics to the community and how coalition building would strengthen the financial infrastructure.

As time went by, 2019 approached and after the demise of the late-great Nipsey Hussle, it sparked a flame under Daniel and Shaahid. Immediately, Daniel and Shaahid and Jessica convened their first meeting and planned to take action. August 2019, Ezrach was established and they never looked back.

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Creating Boots for the New American Dream

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide economic opportunity, growth and sustainability in underserved communities through faith and community-based organizations. 

Downtown Los Angeles

Our Vision

To change the trajectory of the underrepresented communities, one idea at a time. 

Our Purpose

To convene a group of thought leaders from community and faith-based organizations; public officials and corporate representatives planning and organizing initiatives to create and maintain a positive trajectory for underrepresented communities.

Community Garden

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