Where's The Church? Faith Leaders in the Age of COVID-19

Monday, May 11, 2020, Faith Leaders and Founders of Technology Start-ups discussed the state of the church in the time of crisis. Inspired by the invocation given by Bishop Emery Lindsay of Christ Temple Church LA, Rev. Korey Adams graciously moderated the esteemed and enthusiastic panel, asking questions around church engagement, church giving and church broadcasting. On the panel, Ezrach and Haloloop was honored to have Dr. Marla Parker, Chief of Staff and Rev. Michael Hawthorne of Haloloop; Ayinde Alakoye, Co-Founder of nedl; Evangelist Jennifer Lollis, Founder of Breaker's Mantle; Dr. Willie G-dman, Pastoral Consultant and Pastor of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in Atlanta; and our Keynote Speaker, Pastor George Hurtt of Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church, located in Los Angeles, CA.

Each panelist shared best practices and how local churches can engage the community in the midst of crisis. Undeniably, the biggest takeaway from the virtual town hall meeting was for churches and faith leaders to give their all to the community during this time. As Dr. Willie G-dman states, "this is time for community investment and not community consumption". Pastor George Hurtt would close out the evening by sharing sharing action steps for community investment such as, Grab & Go, where Mt. Sinai provides curb-side meals for his parishioners and community members; and his 24-hour zoom marathon to raise 100k for the local community in Los Angeles and Africa.

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"Church leaders and parishioners must develop a mindset of innovation".

-Dr. Marla Parker

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