Community Resources in the age of COVID-19

Sunday, June 28, 2020, Community Leaders from the Public Sector came together to share resources to the community. Moderated by Joy Huffman, Founder and Operator of Clues & Cocktails, the panel gave practical steps to tapping into all the resources to get us through the pandemic and civil unrest. Ezrach was honored to have Effie Turnbull Sanders, Executive Director of Slate-Z; Kelvin Garvanne, Policy Researcher of LA City Department of Public Works; Dr. Erica Holmes, Executive Director of Champion Counseling Center; Ronald L. Williams, MBA, Principal of Shoftim Group; and Jacqueline Ivy-Hardin, Sr. Program Manager of Get Schooled.

"It's important for individuals to take an inventory of how you feel, the content of your thoughts and the behaviors in which you're engaging". -Dr. Erica Holmes

Here are a list of resources provided by the panel:

Effie Turnbull Sanders | | Economic Development Resources

AADAP, Brotherhood Crusade, CRCD

City of LA Job Portal—comprehensive Database

Jacqueline Ivy-Hardin, MPA | | Education & Employment Resources

Kelvin Garvanne | | Food Security Resources

Farmers Markets


Hello” to 33-55-77

Dr. Erica Holmes | | Mental Wellness

Crisis Text Line: 741-741

Suicide Help Line: 800.273.8255

Mental Health Help Line: 800.537.6066


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